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personal favorites, silly and otherwise
(in alphabetical order, no less)

dawnlyn's pencil art
i'm getting nothing out of doing this, but dangit, i'm promoting this chick's site because i think her drawings are just beautiful. buy me a couple while you're at it, will ya?
:pouting lips and batting eyelashes in a haughty and irresistible manner:

the dom-land caribou
makes me want to sing jane siberry's "hockey!" you know a song is of extremely high quality when it has the word "fuck" in it! twice, even! bonus: it's nice to see that i'm not the only one who gets occasional hate mail from people as dense as black holes who lost their sense of humor under the couch cushions somewhere. :)

elf fetish
"how i spent my summer vacation" by elladan (one of daddy elrond's twin hotties) made me laugh harder than the very secret diaries. no shit. don't miss the tabloid covers (and pray you don't end up on one). this site is currently down. please tell me it will return before i hurt myself!

figwit lives!
iris is a goddess among mortal women, plain and simple. figgy t'ain't bad neither!

greenleaf greenleaf: one wig to rule them all
another person like myself who loves to get our favorite mirkwood elfboyloveslave into sticky, ridiculous (but always fun) situations (just add photoshop and mix well! tah-dah!)

legolas' harem
don't worry, ladies, there really IS enough of him to go around. just make sure you have plenty of chocolate on hand (godiva preferred in my humble abode, thank you) and have no reservations about having your name tattooed on his ass (or somewhere else equally delicious... it's all about the joy of discovery).

lotr costume research page
i've never done more than thread a needle to hem a ripped pocket, but i'll be damned if i don't find this site absolutely fascinating. you could easily spend hours here and never find your way out, but why would you want to with hot elves (and their hot armani elf clothes) strewn about?

orlando bloom multimedia
does jas ever sleep? :) wonderful (grey) haven of information and media for orli and leggy lovers alike. (oh yeah, and i make videos for her sometimes, too. ;)

secret diaries of cassandra claire
if you've never read the very secret diaries, number one, how the hell did it cross your mind to find a site like the elf porn shack, and number two, what the hell are you waiting for? you're missing the best nude rendition of the silmarillion: the musical you've never seen, i guarantee!

(something elf porn shack denizens know absolutely nothing about)

the adventures of edward the less
hey, it's the mst3k dudes! check out "the noble one"... he's awful leggy

bombadil's house of humor

bricktales: lotr
legos: the building blocks, not the elf, sillybuns

celebrity bathtime: lotr
as if you weren't wet enough already over leggy... what a delicious way to exercise your lust-addled brain!

dear sauron

elf on a shelf

elvolution: the saga

engrish the two towers captions
corporate cocksuckers forced this site offline, but (HAHAHA) there are mirrors available here and here. there are engrish fotr captions here.

the fellowship cartoon
zactly what it says

figwit is evil

fraud of the rings

the hand puppet movie theater

home sweet barad-dur: a day in the life of the dark lordess

laugh of the rings

the lord of the peeps

lord of the rhymes
the beastie boys of middle-earth. go gollum! go gollum!

lord of the rings action figure storybook

lord of the rings and things

lord of the rings at tasty graphite
currently down. pout.

the lord of the rings caption page

lord of the rings crossword puzzle
not really humor, but it's fun!

the lord of the rings spoof page

the mouth of sauron

never bored of the rings

the one milk

skinematic spotlight on lotr: t2t
even legolas' zits are totally hot!!

the tolkien sarcasm page

towers are the players
gollum has turned out to be quite the proficient rap artist. like we needed another reason to hate his scrawny ass.

the two towers movie review at landover baptist church
the two towers is homo slang for erect hobbit penises!
i couldn't have said it better myself!

the two towers movie - stick version

waiting for frodo

the wrong ring

frequently updated lotr news & movie information sites
(yep, it's gonna be longer than leggy's... umm... knives! yeah, knives! that's it!)

bag-end inn

the barrow-downs

club tolkien-yu

the council of elrond

the council-of-elrond

message boards

lord of the rings and tolkien things

lotr at fantasy planet
non-english, but excellent galleries tho'

lotr fantasy world

lotr official movie site

lotr online
currently down. pout. (anyone know if it's coming back?)

the lord of the rings uk

minas tirith
message boards

mordor: the land of shadow

non-english, but again, look at all the purdy pictures :)

the one
message boards

one ring: the complete guide to tolkien online

the palantir

planet tolkien

the quintessential lotr website

ring faq

ring obsession

message boards

shores of valinor
message boards

tolkien debates
message boards

the tolkien forum
message boards

tolkien movies

tolkien online

the tolkien trail

uruviel's argonath
tons of lotr movie elf info here, too, ladies!

war of the ring

tolkien language sites
(learn what "maelui thranduilion" means)

amanye tenceli

ardalambion - of the tongues of arda

dan smith's fantasy fonts
includes languages from both lotr and the hobbit

dictionary of the elvish languages


elfling list
yahoo! tolkien language group

elvish - english dictionaries

elvish linguistic fellowship

the elvish name generator

fellowship of the word-smiths

hall of fire

hisweloke's sindarin dictionary project

yahoo! tolkien language group

land of shadows black speech dictionary

the language of the elves

leaf: learning elvish among friends
message boards

learn elvish!

lord kyl's medieval & fantasy fonts
has some of dan's fonts, but tons more unrelated fonts to play with!

mellonath daeron

mellyn in edhil

men eldalambinen

nole parma lambeo areldava

quenya - a brief introduction

quenya-english dictionary

the random tolkien-elvish name generator

studies on the works of jrr tolkien

taramiluiel's home
also has general elf info

tengwar textbook

the tolkien language list
tolkien language mailing list

transliterate at 17 web place

tyalie tyelellieva

utuvielye quenya

tolkien information & reference sites

about the songs and poems in lotr

annotated transcript of the fellowship of the ring
also check out the annotated transcript of the two towers

the art of the rings

a hobbit's tale

the astronomy of middle-earth

a tolkien dictionary

audible beauty

bobmoco middle-earth glossary

canon? no! it's fanon
tired of being unable to tell middle-earth fact from drooling fangirl fiction when reading tolkien fanfic? this wonderful resource answers those burning questions that keep you up all night, such as, "if legolas slept with me, would he be thinking of his old flame, arwen, the whole time he's tied to my bedposts?"

complete map of middle-earth

the encyclopedia of arda

essays on tolkien's middle-earth

faq of the rings

forth age

frodo lives! the ancestors of frodo baggins

from pointy ears to grima's tears
site of the author of the boy with the bow & legolas of mirkwood: prince among equals
lots of reading material here about elves and more!

gollum's precious

the grey havens

hair color genetics for tolkien's elves

hobbits live

the hypertextualized tolkien faq

jrr tolkien @

jrr tolkien in oxford

the jrr tolkien page

jw's lotr fan site

this finnish epic provided tolkien with inspiration for middle-earth's tales and languages

lalaith's middle-earth science pages

the lord of the rings: a visual journey

lord of the rings fanatics plaza

lord of the rings fan photo gallery

the lord of the rings image library

the lord of the rings quotes

map of middle-earth

merlin's lord of the rings character generator

middle-earth maps

middle-earth mythology

middle earth visitor's bureau

mike's tolkien resources

my precious

national geographic beyond the movie: the lord of the rings

padawan jenn's lord of the rings site

parma endorion: essays on middle-earth
free e-book! available in english or spanish.

the poetic edda
norse mythology at its finest, and where tolkien culled both inspiration and words such as "gandalf," "durin" and "myrkwood"

the precious for poor smeagol

ring quest

rule them all

the scrolls of orthanc

the seat of kings

the shores of valinor

the silmarillion-cliffnotes
well, where the hell was this when i needed it?

silmarillion tolkien site directory
an elfload of links!

silmerino mar

suite 101: jrr tolkien and middle-earth

there and back again

the tolkien archives
aiiii! the estate strikes again!

tolkien atlas home page

tolkien collecting resources

tolkien encyclopedia

tolkien gateway


the tolkien meta-faq

the tolkien monster encyclopedia

the tolkien music list
downloadable texts, including some obscure delights

the tolkien's guild

tolkien's oxford

the tolkien timeline

tolkien timeline - age of the trees

the tolkien wiki community

tolkien world

tolkien world
lists of top links (different from above)

torania's tolkien page

the true elves of europe
check out the front page of this site for more tolkien-related goodies

24 hour museum: fellowship of the ring/jrr tolkien trail

verses from the lord of the rings

the world of middle-earth


the alaskan lotr fanclub
can you believe these crazy fuckers linked to eps? right on!

lord of the rings fan club official site

the tolkien society

(go on. you know you want that life-sized legolas standup for your bedroom.)

lotr ultimate collection catalog

the tolkien shop

tolkien town

porn purely of the elvish (primarily leggo) persuasion

a'maelamin legolas

anarin of rivendell
lotr movie elf

angels and elves

before i sailed west... my story must be told

the blonde elf

the boy with the bow

craig parker: the actor behind haldir
everyone's favorite smartassed elf!

diana arreaza
hello! this rockin' chick has dragged the good name of her website down into the gutter by using my clocks for two years running! dig it!



the elf liberation society

elf lovers unite
i prefer to have my elf lovers undress. :) and stay that way. :)

elven eyes


the elven kingdom

elven prince

elven savior

elven warriors

elves do it better
finally, a site with a url almost as stupid as!

elves of the silmarillion
currently down, but "it might be back." whoo hoo! i love me some feanor!

erestor: the official site
lotr movie (& book) elf

ethereal attic

faelon, elven counsellor
lotr movie elf

fairer than the sons of men

fallen guardian

f is for figwit
lotr movie elf
elves are working round the clock to make this dream happen!

forgotten hero: a shrine to haldir of lorien

galadhrim of lothlorien
more haldir

the gel alliance

glorious: a haldir worship site

golden lord

got elves?

greenleaf cove

the haldir icon archive
i swear i had nothing to do with this. it just looks like i did.

home of the elves


the infantry elf brigade - a fereveldir fanlisting
lotr movie elf (includes articles, links & more)

in loving memory of haldir

international legolas day
of course, every day is legolas day at eps

the kingdom of craig
what can i say? girls can't get enough haldir.

larial tari's lotr site
another fine mortal lass taking advantage of hotass clock action to its fullest extent!

.. legolas ..

legolas: everlasting fate

legolas greenleaf
closed indefinitely. wahhhh!

legolas greenleaf at

legolas greenleaf at

legolas greenleaf online

legolas of mirkwood

legolas of mirkwood: prince among equals

the legolas picture archive

legolas shrine

lil elf's site

long live the elvenking
thranduil fanlisting with info & extras

lord of imladris: an elrond shrine

lorien elves

mellonath legolas

the mellon chronicles

meorof fanclub headquarters
lotr movie elf

mirkwood elven alliance

molly the pirate
dude, she used one of my stupid clocks, and she's a certified clonemaster at legolas' harem, so you know she gets a plug!

mr mysterious elf
devoted to a heavenly (valinorly?) variety of lotr movie elves

neglected persons of lord of the rings
hub for various sexy elves

no elf rape
but... but... WHY NOT?!?!?! :)

noldorian warrior

the official amanthon site
lotr movie elf

the official dinendal site
lotr movie elf

the official erethon site
lotr movie elf

the official fereveldir site
lotr movie elf

the official galdor site
lotr movie (& book) elf

the official glorfindel site
lotr movie (& book) elf

the official jorn benzon site
lotr movie (& book) elf (rumil)

one swoon of middle-earth

orophin, marchwarden of lorien

prince of mirkwood

protectors of lorien

realm of the lady

rivendell - the elven refuge

lotr movie elf

she elves

sticks & stones primitive archery
oh, come on. you know you've been dying to get your hands on leggy's taut bow.

salomes & ehlana elf lovers site


steve (or legandir of lorien) the elf
lotr movie elf (steve? that's quenya for "rather large cock," ain't it?)

through the foliage: a legolas greenleaf fansite

twin stars of imladris
elladan & elrohir

the valaquenta

vanima: a haldir shrine

vault of heaven: an elrond fansite

what tolkien officially said about elf sex
a must-read! also check out the companion essay "warm beds are good: sex and libido in tolkien's writing"

white arrows of lorien

the wisdom of saelbeth
lotr movie elf

orlando bloom sites
(alright, you conned me into it finally. it would be impossible to include all of them, so here are some of the best i haven't already slobbered over.)

the bloom room

full bloom

the orlando bloom files
they used one of my clocks! na na na na NA na! :D

orlando bloom shrine

related art sites

drawing tolkien: illustrations by eugenia weinstein

in both german & english


elvish devotion


john howe

jrr tolkien inspired art

kasura's silmarillion art page

the pictures by jrr tolkien

rolozo tolkien

teanna's tolkien art page

ted nasmith
sorry, dude, but they TOTALLY ripped him off for the movies. ratbastards!
also, visit chalk farm gallery

know of a site that's worthy?
bring it on and we'll see about that