updated: 12.09.03

looking for rotk clocks? click here.

updated: 12.21.02

the clocks went all jiggy after the film's release date, so i castrated them a bit. :) no, i have no idea what "jiggy" means, but if will smith is involved, it can't be good. anyway, i just changed the examples on each page. the downloadable scripts are all still intact as i originally made them if you'd like to nab and alter them for an extremely premature countdown to rotk. :) click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a fine example of such raping and pillaging. :)

updated: 12.13.02
(what the ?!?!) :)

the hour grows late and i'm a total moron, but i did make a whole bunch more clocks since the last ones and i'm just now getting around to putting them up. d'oh! i figured, well, damn, i made the stupid things, so i might as well. perhaps someone will get a certifiably juvenile giggle out of them. and so, forth eorlingas! :)

(and yes, i will be mutilating rotk in a similar fashion. :)

since some of these clocks have more than one character in them, i sorted them by general geographical areas instead of by name. if i didn't know exactly where they went, i just faked it, big time. ;) hey, you're a smart cookie. you'll figure out my advanced and highly technical system with braincells to spare. so, anyway, here they be. (scroll down past the new clocks to see instructions + the old clocks. they're more stale than year-old lembas at this point though.)

be warned: some clocks contain ungodly movie spoilers!!

category updated
fangorn 12.13.02
gondor 12.13.02
helm's deep 12.13.02
isengard 12.13.02
mordor 12.13.02
rivendell 12.13.02
rohan 12.13.02

just right-click on the links (or, if you're on a mac, uhh, do whatever it is you people do :) under the clocks to save the pix and the copy-and-paste scripts

DO NOT link to these clocks directly from your site or i'll kick your fat ass all the way to the grey mountains. copy the junk and physically put it on your own damn server. feel free to post a link to us on your site, however, if you wish to share the love. :)

speaking of luv, much goes to orlandomultimedia.net for the inspiration... or whatever you might call it. :)

questions? problems? requests? write.

here's a normal one to get you started.

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(be warned: some clocks contain movie spoilers!!)

category updated
aragorn 09.01.02
arwen 09.08.02
elrond 09.01.02
elves 09.01.02
figwit 09.01.02
gandalf 09.01.02
haldir 09.01.02
hobbits 09.01.02
legolas 09.08.02
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all clocks made by jennifer
(using her free time wisely ;)